Standard Terms and Conditions

The standard terms and conditions undertaken by Tangensys Pvt Ltd. for its clients for all the work undertaken by us are as follows:

Costs and Deposits –

  • Website Design & Development –

A 50 percent advance of the total money payable is needed to be deposited after the proposal is finalized by both parties. The work will start with the design and development of your website after finalizing a mutually-agreed proposal and confirmation of the advance amount. The remaining 50 percent payment will be accepted only after the work is completed as per the client’s satisfaction.

  • Software Development –

You will pay 50 percent of the discussed amount in advance when the deal is finalized by both parties. The other 50 percent is paid after the job is finished by us.

  • Website Hosting –

We charge 100 percent of the discussed payment in advance for the website hosting project.

  • Domain Registration –

The total domain charge is taken from the client in advance for registering the Domain on behalf of the client.

  • Internet Marketing –

We have a lot of Flexible Payment Options for SEO work. The esteemed clients will have the option of making the payments on quarterly, half-yearly, or even with mutually agreed terms. The amount received in advance will qualify for the period of the further 1 year, 6 months, or 3 months.

Supply of Materials –

The client will have to provide all materials and information required to start and finish the project. If the client fails or delays in providing the materials resulting in disruption of work, then we will have the right to extend the agreed deadlines. If the completion of the project gets disrupted, due to your lethargic approach, we will have the right to charge you for the work completed by us till then.

Variations –

Tangensys allows you the freedom to make revisions to the proposal that was mutually agreed before. But, those revisions should not be endless and are completely subjected to scrutiny by our expert team. Moreover any alteration in the original design specification will be chargeable as an extra to the agreed amount.

Project Delays and Client Liability –

If the client fails to provide the material and information on time which leads to an unfinished project on time then we are not liable for those actions. You have to responsibly provide the demanded requirements which will be disclosed before finalizing the project.

Payment –

Once the payment is made it will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Licensing –

After the project of your website is completed and delivered to you, only you will have a valid license for its use. It will be under your proprietorship and only you will reap the profits generated by it in the future.

Search Engines –

We highly oppose the Black Hat SEO. Because of this policy we do not guarantee first-page ranking in the search engine results. But, we do know the tricks of the trade so ranking is something that will be guaranteed with our work.

Consequential Loss –

If any loss or damage is caused due to the delay in the completion of the work because of your fault we won’t be held responsible in that case. If the client suffers a loss that is not the fault of our company, we will not be answerable for that scenario.

Disclaimer –

Tangensys has a strict intolerant policy to not support the client in case any patent problem arises because of the content of the materials provided by your side. We are also not responsible for any topic clash, completeness, or project quality because of the information provided on our website. We won’t be held liable for any damage or loss caused because of any kind of information given by the client that is incomplete or incorrect. We reserve the right to change any of the information provided from our side for the completion of the website. We also claim the right to remove the information without any notification if it is harming the public or the project in any way. You can only use our services in case you agree with all the terms and conditions specified by us.

Subcontracting –

If any such situation or circumstance demands we can subtract the service offered to us by the client.

Additional Expenses –

The client is liable to pay for the additional expenses that are not mentioned in the discussed invoice. If any material is purchased for the completion of your work without your knowledge, then this extra cost also will be added to the invoice.

Backups –

The client will have to maintain their own backup. We will not be held responsible for any data loss or negligence caused by you under any circumstances.

Ownership of Domain Names and Web Hosting –

The ownership of domain names and web hosting will be provided only after all the reimbursements and payment. The account confidential details for the domain name registration and/or the web hosting will be given after the accounts are completely settled.

Cross-Browser Compatibility  –

We always ensure that the websites created by us are according to all the web browsers, like the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari or the Third-party extensions. If necessary or demanded, we will implement other solutions or substitute alternative extensions.

Notes –

Canceled/Bounced check will be fined with an additional Rs.500. Any dispute is subjected under the jurisdictions of the courts of Delhi only.